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Meta navigation - adjusts the position of elements in the navigation block. Meta navigation is divided into meta navigation node and meta navigation section.

Meta navigation section

**Meta section navigation** consists of "name" + .section.json in the navigation directory. For example: workflow.section.json.

Meta navigation node

**Meta navigation node** consists of:

  • For the first-order navigation nodes - those nodes that are directly in the navigation section: "code" + .json in a directory whose name is the same as the file name of the navigation section to which the navigation node belongs.

Example: In the navigation directory there is a file of a navigation section - simpleTypes.section.json. And there is a navigation node - classString.jsonin the simpleTypes directory. The navigation node file will have a path: navigation\simpleTypes\classString.json.

  • For second order navigation nodes - those nodes that are of the group type (a special type of navigation nodes, the "type" field in which contains the value 0). The difference is that the "code" field of such nodes is composite and consists of the "code" field of the group and personal name.

Example: navigation\relations\classReference.refBase.json. This is the file of the navigation node refBase, which is located in the classReferense of the relations navigation section.

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