Scheme of the main types of metadata


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Metadata (Meta) - a complex of JSON files that describe the set of structures, which the app operates, ways of displaying the data structures in the user interface and navigation on them, as well as displaying the application configuration files.

Types of meta files

  1. Meta class
  2. Meta view
  3. Meta navigation: meta navigation node, meta navigation section
  4. Meta report
  5. Meta admin
  6. Meta work-flows
  7. Geometa
  8. Meta security

Structure of the meta main types


The structure of the main types of meta can be described as follows:

Meta class is the main source of data generation in the application. A meta class is composed of the attributes (attribute part) and of the class parameters (general part). Attributes are the objects of the “properties” field of the general part, which contains fields relevant to the structure of the meta class and to the data processing in this structure.

Meta class is the basis for meta views, meta navigation, meta reports, meta business processes, etc.

Meta view allows to specify the desired set of attributes for the class to be displayed on the form according to the type of the view form (the form of the list view - list.json, of create view - create.json, of change view - item.json). Also it allows to indicate redefined and (or) complemented properties specified in the meta class of this attribute.

Meta class + Class attributes = Display attributes on the form (the user interface)

Meta navigation adjusts the position of elements in the navigation block. The meta navigation is divided into the meta navigation node and the meta navigation section.

Name of meta files:

Meta class Meta view Meta navigation
Located in
meta directory
and composed of
the name
of the general part of the meta
class +

The name of the meta view directory
shows its meta class.
The meta view
is located in the viewsdirectory.
It contains directories
whose names match
the first part of the name
of the meta class file. Example:
address@project_name, where address
belongs to the address class.
The meta navigation
is composed of
the "name" +
.section.json and
is located in
Example: workflow.section.json.

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