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Meta view - allows to set the desired attribute composition of the class to display on the form according to the view form (list view - list.json, create view - create.json, edit view - item.json) and to specify the overridden and (or) complemented properties for each individual attribute in the meta class of this attribute.

Forms of meta views

Meta view can be divided into two forms:

  • List view
  • Create and edit view

List view

List view - allows to display the class objects in the form of a list.


Field description

Field Name Acceptable values Description
"columns" Columns Array of objects Columns of class attributes, described the attribute part of the meta view.
"styles" **Highlight color lines** Formula In accordance with the terms of the formula, the columns in the table are colored in the specified color.
"actions" Actions Integer or Null not used in current version
"commands" **Commands** Array of objects The set of object operations.
"allowSearch" **Search is available** Logical Allows or denies displaying the search form.
"pageSize" Number of object per page Positive integer Specifies the number of objects on a single page by default.
"useEditModels" Edit form for detalization Logical Allows or denies the use of the edit form for data detalization of a class object.
"version" **Version** String Metadata versions.
"overrideMode" **Override mode** 0 - Overlap Sets the override mode of the views.
    1 - Override  
"filterDepth" Filter query depth in lists Positive integer Filter query depth in lists of objects. It equals 2, by default.

Create and edit view

Create and edit view - allows to create and edit the class objects.


Field description

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