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The report module – is designed for the formation of analytical reports and reference information (on the basis of special metadata) in the form of graphs. Calculations can be performed on a schedule or be initiated by the operator.

Library to build the Pivot type report

The library for building reports of the Pivot type is PivotTable.js (Examples and description: The functionality is rich, but at the same time difficult to build reports like in Excel or Word. For now it’s better not to require the functionality of the Word from it when designing a report - it is better to consult with the developers and put a task on the implementation of a Pivot type report.

Automatic data mine building

Add the jobs.enabled = true setting to the config.ini file to set up automatic data mine building.


To run a task at the start of the application and then every 6 hours, you need to configure the job as follows:

"jobs": {
      "report-builder": {
        "description": "Служба сборки шахт данных модуля отчетов",
        "launch": {
          "hour": 21600000

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