The IONDV.Framework REST module is used to create web services for various types of data, including only visual data created by designing in IONDV.Studio and is intended for:

  • out-of-the-box CRUD model for accessing data, managing business processes, various types of authorization - as a backend for mobile applications, for SPA applications (created on the frameworks of Angular, Redux, Vue, etc.) or applications with divided front and back office;
  • the rapid development of our own web services, by registering them and writing code on a ready-made data manipulation API for implementing a microservice architecture
  • integration of applications created on the ION DV. Framework with other systems using the REST API.

Description and purpose of the module

ION DV. REST - a module that provides work with the data of the ION DV application via the REST API. It is a wrapper for working with data via standard CRUD functions or it connects the application’s own services, including those using the core API.