Step 1 Environment Setup

Environment is a list of programs required to start.

Environment required for launching the IONDV. Framework with applications:

  • DBMS MongoDb version 3.6.
  • Development environment Node.js version 10.x.x.


  1. DBMS installation required MongoDB. Verified version 3.6.9 and 4.0.0.
  2. Then create folder data on the C: drive and a subfolder ``db``in it.
  3. For launching the database move to the folder of the MongoDblocation, then to the server\bin folder and launch the file mongod.exe. If you need to use the DB catalog different from c:\data\db, then the file mongod.exe should be launched with the parameter --dbpath + path to the folder.

Node.js runtime environment

Node.js is an environment in which the components are executed.

  1. Node.js runtime environment setup required. Verified version node.JS 10.14.2.
  2. By default, the installer prescribes the paths to the Node.js in PATH, and also installs the npm package manager.

Install global dependencies

Install global dependencies using cmd.execommand prompt ran as administrator, after installation of node.js.

NB: command node -v will show the node.js version.

Environment Setup for Windows

  1. Install globally the package node-gyp required to build various libraries using command npm install -g node-gyp.
  2. To run the library under the Windows operating system, you must additionally install the windows-build-tools package npm install -g --production windows-build-tools.

Project builder package

To organize testing and build distributions during development Gulp is used. Install globally using command npm install -g gulp@4.0. 4.0 is a supported version of Gulp.

Frontend libraries installer

To install frontend libraries, use`bower <>`_. Install globally using command npm install -g bower.