Workflows execution service

Workflows is a module built in the rest module, which provides the ability to control and manage the workflows.

The service requires a connection in deploy.json and a mandatory indication of options.dataRepo, options.metaRepo, options.auth and options.workflow, example:

"workflows": {
        "module": "modules/rest/lib/impl/workflows",
        "options": {
          "auth": "ion://auth",
          "dataRepo": "ion://dataRepo",
          "metaRepo": "ion://metaRepo",
          "workflow": "ion://workflow"

All types of authorization are supported, by default is the authorization with credentials.

The service includes three methods:

  • GET - no parameters, returns information on the current status in the workflow (possible transitions)
  • PUT - transfers the object to the next specified stages of different workflows
  • PATCH - performs a forced transition of an object to the specified stages of different workflows

For all the methods, the requests are accepted with the path of the type``<server URL>/rest/<service name>/:class/: id`` to identify the data object.

Specification of methods:

  • Getting the current location of the object in the workflow: GET
  • Performing the object transition through the workflow: PUT
  • Moving an object to the specifies state of the workflow PATCH