Utilities for workflow

Utilities for workflow are designed to automate the execution of some actions when the status of a workflow changes. The utility is connected to the application in deploy.json in the globals.plugins object, for example like this:

  "globals": {
    "plugins": {
      "wfEvents": {
        "module": "applications/sakh-pm/lib/wfEvents",
        "initMethod": "init",
        "initLevel": 1,
        "options": {
          "workflows": "ion://workflows",
          "metaRepo": "ion://metaRepo",
          "dataRepo": "ion://dataRepo",
          "log": "ion://sysLog",
          "AIPConfigPath": "applications/sakh-pm/paths_config/eventOnlyAIP.json"

Here the wfEvents utility is connected. The script containing the description of actions when changing the status of the workflow is located on the path applications/sakh-pm/lib/wfEvents.js.

In the options field, any variables and their values, which will become available in the script through the fields of the object passed as an argument to the main function of the module, can be specified.

The script is compiled in module format, provided that it must include the init method, for example:

'use strict';
const ivc = require('./indicator-value-creator');

function WorkflowEvents(options) {
  this.init = function () {
      (e) => {
        if (e.transition === 'toKT') {
          return options.dataRepo.getItem(e.item, null, {forceEnrichment: [['meeting','basicObj'],['basicObj']]})
            .then((item) => {
              const data = {
                basicObj: item.property('meeting.basicObj').evaluate() || item.property('basicObj').evaluate(),
                name: item.get('name'),
                owner: item.get('owner'),
                datePlannedEnd: e.item.get('datePlannedEnd'),
                priority: e.item.get('priority'),
                descript: e.item.get('descript')
              return options.dataRepo.createItem('eventControl@sakh-pm', data, null, {user: e.user});
        return Promise.resolve();
      (e) => {
        if (e.transition === 'curatorToCancel') {
          return options.dataRepo.editItem(e.item.getMetaClass().getCanonicalName(), e.item.getItemId(), {archive: true})
              item => collectionToArchive(item, 'proposals')
                .then(() => collectionToArchive(item, 'eventBlock'))
                .then(() => collectionToArchive(item, 'project'))
        return Promise.resolve();

module.exports = WorkflowEvents;

This script describes the actions to be performed when changing the status of the workflow assignmentBasic@sakh-pm to fin, and the status of the workflow proposal@sakh-pm to``cancel``.