Search in object lists “allowSearch”

The "allowSearch" field in the main part of the list view meta enables or disables the display of the search field in the form.

Principle of work

The architecture of the platform and the registry impose the following restrictions.

In order for the search to work in the “LIST” view, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • The key field of the class should include one of the following types: String, Date-Time, Integer, Real, Decimal
  • There should be the non-key attributes of the same types, but specified as “Indexed”

If none of the conditions is met, the search in the “LIST” view is impossible, so the search field is not displayed. If one or both conditions are met, the search is available and is performed by matching each indexed attribute with the search phrase. If at least one of the attributes matches the search phrase, the object is considered to meet the search condition and is added to the selection.

Depending on the field, the matching is performed according to the following rules:

  • String: the search of the string value of the attribute using the regular expression.
  • Date-time: the search phrase is converted to date-time, and, if possible, then the equivalence of the attribute value to the received date is checked. The comparison is strict (up to seconds), i.e. if the time is not specified in the search, dates with the time 00:00 will be searched.
  • Integer, Real, Decimal: the search phrase is converted to a number and the attribute value is checked for equality.

Search by objects of computable attributes

For objects of calculated attributes, the search will only work if there is a caching setting: doc:more detailes </3_development/metadata_structure/meta_class/meta_class_attribute/attr_cached_true>. Accordingly , there is no need to set indexed for calculated attributes if they are not cached.