Autocomplete attributes

Autocompletion type - " autoassigned ": true - indicates that the value of this attribute should be filled automatically when creating a class. It is used mainly for attributes of the “Unique values” type ("unique": true) for integers and string attributes, as well as for attributes of the “Date-time” type.

Principle of formation:

  1. For the attributes of the “Date-time” type, an attribute should have the value of the current time. It is used in the time tag of created objects and committed changes.

  2. For integer attributes, if the value “Unique identifier” ("unique": true) is specified when creating the form, it is filled in with a random set of characters.

  3. For strings, if the value “Unique identifier” ("unique": true) is specified, a random hex value should be generated - the size of the string length - 20 characters in the example below.

    var crypto = require('crypto');
    ID = crypto.randomBytes(20).toString('hex');
  4. For the “global identifier” type, the configuration is the same as for the string.

NB: You need to make a check when saving. The field should be generated automatically for empty values or dates. For all others (integer, string), previously created values must be generated.


  "orderNumber": 50,
  "name": "auto",
  "caption": "auto",
  "type": 6,
  "size": null,
  "decimals": 0,
  "nullable": true,
  "readonly": false,
  "indexed": false,
  "unique": true,
  "autoassigned": true