Sorting a sample of valid values


Sorting a sample of valid values is a filter that specifies how to sort objects. It is used for attributes of the "Reference" type. Set it in the "selSorting" field when creating the meta class.

Available types of sorting:

  • Sorting in ascending order
  • Sorting in descending order


      "orderNumber": 20,
      "name": "ref",
      "caption": "Ссылка",
      "type": 13,
      "size": null,
      "decimals": 0,
      "allowedFileTypes": null,
      "maxFileCount": 0,
      "nullable": true,
      "readonly": false,
      "indexed": false,
      "unique": false,
      "autoassigned": false,
      "hint": null,
      "defaultValue": null,
      "refClass": "selSortingCatalog@develop-and-test",
      "itemsClass": "",
      "backRef": "",
      "backColl": "",
      "binding": "",
      "semantic": null,
      "selConditions": [],
      "selSorting": [
          "property": "string",
          "mode": 1

Field description

Field Name Acceptable values Description
"property" Attribute String only the latin characters with no spaces The attribute to sort by.
"mode" Sort order 0 - ascending Sort order
    1 - descending