Highlighting lines in the list

Conditions of highlighting the lines in the list are specified with the formula.

The list of supported functions can be viewed: doc here </3_development/metadata_structure/meta_class/meta_class_attribute/attr_formula>. The setting is set in the general part of the list view meta and looks like this:

"styles": {
    "css-class": "формула"

where the "css-class" is a class of available design themes and the "формула" is a formula with a condition for highlighting the strings in the list.

Available themes of the "css-class" design

  • attention-1 - red
  • attention-2 - yellow
  • attention-3 - orange
  • attention-4 - gray
  • attention-5 - blue
  • attention-6 - green

Purpose of use

When opening the view list of objects, the strings of the table are highlighted according to the conditions of the formula and the theme class.


"styles": {
    "attention-1": "lt($real, 0)"

$real - any integer. If $real is less than 0, then the column is highlighted in red.