Comments on the mine design

“NOT CONTAINS” operations

When using MongoDB ``NOT CONTAINS``operations will not work correctly, since NOT is applied not to CONTAINS, but to the entry conditions.

At the moment, it is not possible to change this.

The data source builder is not configured

The builder for the data source "summaryArea.serviceGrid" is not configured. In addition to the meta itself in `` deploy.json``, the following must be added to

"mineBuilders": {
    "khv-svyaz-info": {
      "summaryArea": {
        "internet": "mineBuilder",
        "population": "mineBuilder",
        "internetGrid": "mineBuilder",
        "station": "mineBuilder",
        "serviceGrid": "mineBuilder"

This is the binding of builders to data sources in order to be able to aggregate from different databases (and sources in general). For now, the standard mineBuilder is used, which uses the local Db datasource.

Cannot compare two fields

The compariing two fields using search expressions will not work. Mongo DB can’t compare two fields. For example, the following expressions will not work:

{"attr1": {"$regex": "$attr2", "$options": "i"}}


For sources based on classes, filters are specified by conditions.

"filter": [
              "property": "typePet",
              "operation": 0,
              "value": "statement",
              "nestedConditions": []