Attribute indexation

Attribute indexation is required to accelerate the search. Indexation is set manually by assigning the true value for the "indexed"property, that is:

"indexed": true

Except for the following attribute types:

  1. Indexation is set automatically (regardless of what is specified in the indexation field):
  • for the key field;
  • for the objects with field "compositeIndexes": true in the main part of the meta class.
  1. When importing a meta, all attribute objects of the “Reference” type are indexed.
  2. Objects of attributes of the “Collection” type are not indexed, since collections with a back reference are not stored in the object, there is no need for indexing.
NOTE. Запрещается индексация атрибутов типа "Текст" [1] и "HTML" [2].
    Связано с ограничением MongoDB на размер индексируемого значения,
    т.к. размер значения атрибутов данных типов может превышать допустимый размер.