Meta view - attribute part


Meta view - attribute part describes the attribute view fields of the class on the form. The attribute views represent an array in the corresponding fields in the general part of the meta view. The view of each attribute is an object of the following structure:


  "caption": "Редактор целых чисел [14]",
  "type": 14,
  "property": "integer_integer",
  "size": 2,
  "maskName": null,
  "mask": null,
  "mode": null,
  "fields": [],
  "hierarchyAttributes": null,
  "columns": [],
  "actions": null,
  "commands": [],
  "orderNumber": 20,
  "required": false,
  "visibility": null,
  "enablement": null,
  "obligation": null,
  "readonly": false,
  "selectionPaginated": true,
  "validators": null,
  "hint": "",
  "historyDisplayMode": 0,
  "tags": null

Field description

Field Name Acceptable values Description
"sorted" Sorting allowed Logical A field for list views. It is not used in create and modify views. Enables or disables sorting by this column.
"caption" Title String The title of the input field / attribute column displayed in the views.
"type" Type Integer - identifier (code) of the type Attribute view type.
"property" Attribute String only the latin characters with no spaces Indicate the attribute name for system to work with. Therefore it can not be blank. (Except for the Groupe [0] view type).
"size" Size Integer - size code of the input field, depends on type Allows you to specify the field size code for different attribute/view types. Constants in the platform: doc: FieldSizes <meta_view_attribute/field_sizes>.
"maskName" Mask name String If there are any preset masks in the platform, you can set a mask by internal name, specifying it in this field.
"mask" Mask String Allows you to limit the valid attribute values.
"mode" Режим отображения Integer - code of the view mode In some cases, it is necessary to display the attribute data in different ways. In this field you can specify how to display it. : doc: Example of usage </3_development/metadata_structure/meta_class/property_types/type_geodata100>.
"fields" Fields Array of objects Allows to form create/edit view in a particular way.
"hierarchyAttributes" Hierarchy according to object or Null not used in current version
"columns" Colunms Array of objects Used for attributes of the “Collection [3]” type. Allows you to select attributes to be displayed on the form of presentation in the form of table columns (attributes are taken from a class by reference)
"actions" Actions Integer or Null not used in current version
"commands" Commands Array of objects or Null Describes the acceptable ways for an object of a reference field. Null for the default set of actions.
"orderNumber" Serial number Non-negative integer The order number of the attribute sets the position of the attribute relative to other attributes of the same class in the user interface.
"required" Mandatory Logical Determines whether the filling of this attribute is mandatory when creating/editing an object.
"visibility" View conditions String Sets the condition of displaying the field in the view.
"enablement" Activity conditions String Sets the edit condition (accessibility for editing) of the field in the view with the format similar to the View conditions.
"obligation" Mandatory conditions String Sets the condition which oblige you to fil in the fields in the view. The format is similar to the View conditions.
"readonly" Read only Logical Allows or denies changing the attribute value in this view.
"selectionPaginated" Page-oriented selection Logical Allows or denies page selection list.
"validators" Validators String The name of the validator that checks the values entered in the attribute field. Not implemented.
"hint" Help text String Sets (or redefines the "hint" value of the attribute) message, which will be displayed in the user interface next to the attribute name.
"historyDisplayMode" History display Integer Specifies the format for displaying the history of object changes.
"tags" Tags Array of strings Store display modifiers and other service information. The extended specification of the tags property is used in “options”`, but is not interchangeable.

In addition:

  • Comment view for attributes of type “Collection” - : doc: more details </3_development/metadata_structure/meta_view/comments>
  • Setting up "fileshare-list" and "fileshare" for document management -: doc: learn more </3_development/metadata_structure/meta_view/fileshare>

Structure in mongoDB (registry) for list views

     "sorted" : true,
     "caption" : "Редактор целых чисел [14]",
     "type" : 14,
     "property" : "integer_integer",
     "size" : 2,
     "maskName" : null,
     "mask" : null,
     "mode" : null,
     "fields" : [],
     "hierarchyAttributes" : null,
     "columns" : [],
     "actions" : null,
     "commands" : [],
     "orderNumber" : 20,
     "required" : false,
     "visibility" : null,
     "enablement" : null,
     "obligation" : null,
     "readonly" : false,
     "selectionPaginated" : true,
     "validators" : null,
     "hint" : "",
     "historyDisplayMode" : 0,
     "tags" : null

The attribute structure for create and edit views is different only by the "sorted" field, which is absent in the create and edit mode.