Workflow transitions


"transitions": [
      "name": "basic",
      "caption": "На согласование",
      "startState": "create",
      "finishState": "inAgreed",
      "signBefore": false,
      "signAfter": false,
      "roles": [],
      "assignments": [],
      "conditions": []

Field description

Field Description
"name" Status system name.
"caption" Status logical name.
"startState" The initial status of the workflow transition.
"finishState" The final status of the workflow transition.
"signBefore" Logical value “Sign before the workflow transition begins”.
"signAfter" Logical value “Sign at the end of the workflow transition”.
"roles" List of roles with rights to make the transition.
"assignments" Assigning values to attributes after the end of the workflow transition.
"conditions" Conditions for the workflow transition. Set in the same way as the “Conditions for the selection of valid values”.

Assigning values to attributes by reference

Use the "assignments" property in the workflow transition to set the values.


     "assignments": [
          "key": "resolution.stateRemPet",
          "value": "end"

When performing this workflow transition, assign the value “end” for the attribute [stateRemPet] by the reference of the “Reference” attribute [resolution].